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Three Steps to Effortless Ease in Dating and Love

Three Steps to Effortless Ease in Dating and Love

Three Steps to Effortless Ease in Dating and Love

Learn how healthy love and a lasting marriage can unfold smoothly and naturally – with effortless ease.
Use this all-new approach to dating and combine the power of your faith with the wisdom and predictability of the latest science, so you can attract, choose, marry, and keep a loving devoted husband.


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Step One: The Marrying Model™ – A science-based approach to help women understand men.

  • Use this system to make sense of (and in many cases predict) a man’s behaviors, attitudes, and choices.
  • Understand the three different types of men so you can choose someone who’s right for you – from the start.
  • Stay open to finding the quality man you deserve, and avoid the drama and heartbreak that comes with dating the wrong guy.

Step Two: The Masculine Stages of Love™ – Communicate with men in ways they hear and respect.

  • Learn the different stages of attachment your man passes through as he’s falling in love, and how hormones play a role in how he thinks and acts.
  • Use this biology-based model to harmonize your dating approach with what he’s naturally going through so you’re able to make healthy choices around your behaviors and communication.
  • When you know how to communicate in alignment with the Masculine Stages of Love™, you’ll have no need to manipulate, convince, persuade, or pressure a man to fall in love with you.

Step Three: Honor Your Divine Femininity – A six-step process to dating with ease.

  • Learn how to honor, respect, and take care of yourself first – when you’re dating, when you’re engaged, and ultimately when you’re married.
  • Create a structured dating plan to improve your chances of relationship success, because having a plan (and sticking to it!) keeps you focused on your desired dating goals so you can avoid the chaos, heartbreak, and unnecessary drama that dating can bring.
  • Set clear boundaries so you don’t compromise yourself in a relationship. Learn how to stay in your personal power as a woman, and avoid the trap of taking on more masculine forms of power or feeling like you have to give up your femininity in order to be powerful.

Bonus Lesson Four: Merging Faith & Science – The spiritual principle for falling in love naturally, according to Nature’s wisdom.

  • Learn the spiritual principle that bridges faith and science, and leads to lasting love and a healthy marriage with a loving, devoted husband.
  • Discover Nature’s intelligent blueprint that points the way for healthy dating, & why it’s important to take the time to notice this wisdom.
  • Use feminine dating techniques following faith-based values. Treat your man ethically and respectfully as you follow Nature’s design to achieve your dating goals – with effortless ease.

For almost a decade in clinical practice as a registered mental health professional, I’ve taught clients how to use these unique, science-based, and ethical tools to make healthy dating choices that lead to deep love and a lasting relationship with a quality man.

I invite you to sign up for this all-new educational series now.